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Treatment for Teens

Orthodontic treatment for adolescents and teens is focused on providing beautiful healthy smiles for life. Most comprehensive orthodontic treatment starts in the early teen years (11-15), when the last baby teeth are close to being lost and the children are growing rapidly. This is when it is easiest to spot issues like crooked teeth, gaps and bad bites.

Starting at this time allows us to provide the best treatment for every patient and also potentially reduce the overall length of treatment, as in the teenage years growth and development is still underway and there is an opportunity to 'shape' how the teeth align. Which means you can see your child’s sensational smile sooner!

Having orthodontic treatment as a teenager is also about having some fun with braces. Our patients can choose colours to match their favourite outfit, support their sporting team or just because they look great! For those who don’t want the appearance of braces there is also the option of tooth coloured brackets and transparent (clear) aligners to keep the teeth looking fresh while your new smile is being created.

Read more about some of these options here.

Clear Aligners