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Express Orthodontics

There are times in our busy lives when our goals must sometimes be moved to accommodate our lifestyles. Orthodontics may be one of those times!

At Shine our experienced orthodontists realise that our patients’ wishes and goals have to be at the forefront of our treatment plans. Not everyone has the time (or finances) to obtain the absolute ultimate in treatment results.

Shine Express

Following a thorough diagnosis your orthodontist will be able to advise you if your treatment goals are able to be met by Shine Express. A reduced treatment time (sometimes as little as 5-6 months) may help you achieve the smile you desire.

Shine Express is available for less complicated cases using the same expertise our experienced specialist orthodontists apply to more complex treatments but usually at a significantly reduced cost to the patient.

So whether it’s just a small tidy up before that special occasion, or those irregular front teeth that have always annoyed you in photos - talk to our orthodontists to see if Shine Express is right for you.