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Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces work exactly like normal metal braces, the only difference being that the brackets are made out of a very fine translucent tooth-coloured porcelain which make the braces almost invisible (hence they are also known as 'clear braces' or 'invisible braces'). They are popular with older teenagers and adult patients who may have cosmetic concerns.

Ceramic brackets are more brittle than regular metal brackets even though they are harder than tooth enamel, and so for this reason tend to be used more on the upper teeth, since when they are placed on lower teeth they have the potential to wear and abrade the opposing upper enamel.

There are other advantages to ceramic braces – it is easier for the orthodontist to look at the teeth, and people seem to responds better to treatment when using ceramic braces. And, as they are more brittle than metal braces, this in fact protects the wearer (as they will break if too much force is used when being fitted or adjusted). New types of ceramic braces are also more resistant to discolouration.